When Morning Foot Pain Calls for Nighttime Treatment

When Morning Foot Pain Calls for Nighttime Treatment

If your first few steps out of bed are enough to make you crawl back into bed, it’s time to talk about morning foot pain 一 and the potential nighttime treatments that can provide you relief in the morning. While there are many causes of foot pain, plantar fasciitis is notorious for causing pain in the morning. 

Our podiatrists at Family Foot and Ankle Center of South Jersey, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, are experts at diagnosing and treating plantar fasciitis. Below, we discuss the top signs that it’s time to consider nighttime treatments for your morning foot pain.

When is morning foot pain a problem?

Occasional foot pain is not uncommon. Maybe you wore a new pair of shoes and developed a blister, or maybe your feet are sore after a long day hiking. However, if your feet hurt every morning, your plantar fascia 一 a thick band of tissue on the bottom of each of your feet 一 may be inflamed. Plantar fasciitis causes burning or stabbing pain in your heels, and in severe cases, this band of tissue can even rupture. 

Plantar fasciitis is the leading cause of foot pain in the morning. You might consider seeking treatment for morning foot pain if:

The good news is that plantar fasciitis is treatable. While we offer in-office treatments 一 such as dry needlingultrasonic therapycold laser therapy, and Tenex Health TX® treatments 一 we guide you with the nighttime routines that provide relief in the morning.

Nighttime routine for foot pain

Focusing on your feet before you go to bed can make the morning much easier on them. While your Family Foot and Ankle Center of South Jersey provider provides specific nighttime routines for you, here is an example of potential nighttime routines you can try:

Stretch your feet

Stretching loosens tight ligaments and improves blood flow. Stretches can be simple, such as pointing and flexing your feet, or you can use tools (such as a towel stretch) to fully stretch your feet. 

Elevate your feet

Settling in for a movie? Elevate your feet while you watch TV, or sit on the couch with wedge pillows or a rolled-up blanket. This can reduce swelling, improve blood flow, and even help ease aches and pains in your feet. 

Massage your feet

Massage also improves blood flow, stretches your muscles, and disrupts nerve pain signals. You can massage your feet with your hands, foam rollers, or even with a tennis ball or racquetball.

Wear splints 

Depending on the cause and severity of your foot pain, we may recommend night splints. These devices hold your foot in a stretched position overnight. Because your plantar fascia is held in this position while you sleep, your first few steps in the morning aren’t quite as jarring. 

Get to the bottom of foot pain today

Even if you spend time massaging your feet, stretching, and wearing your splint, sometimes it’s not enough to alleviate your pain. If you’d like to explore other treatments for morning foot pain, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can reach us at 856-266-9572. You can also use our online tool to schedule your appointment.

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