How Orthotics Can Bring Your Foot into Proper Alignment

 How Orthotics Can Bring Your Foot into Proper Alignment

Foot imbalances are a major source of foot pain as well as pain in the knees, hips, and back. As the foundation of your body, your feet play the crucial role of supporting your weight and holding you steady. When one or both feet are out of alignment, the problems can accumulate. 

Our expert podiatrists at Family Foot and Ankle Center of South Jersey in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, enthusiastically recommend custom orthotic shoe inserts to many of their patients experiencing excessive stress on their feet and complications as a result. 

Custom orthotics do an excellent job aligning your feet and giving you the specific support they need. Joseph DiMenna and Joseph Bakanas, DPM, work with you closely to create orthotics that align with the unique contours of your feet. 

Custom orthotic shoe inserts are a rapidly growing industry as increasing numbers of people discover the benefits of balancing and cushioning their feet. Our experts want you to enjoy those benefits for yourself. 

Identifying your foot and ankle needs

The first step in aligning your feet with orthotics is identifying the foot problems that orthotics might benefit. Any imbalance in your foot can lead to an abnormal gait or walking pattern, which only worsens the resulting foot stress and discomfort. 

Your podiatrist uses advanced technology to scan your foot and create a 3D rendering of it, complete with precise measurements. 

Using these images and keeping your specific needs in mind, your podiatrist can create multiple orthotics for you to fit inside each pair of your shoes, from formal wear to tennis shoes. The orthotics fit your feet perfectly, unlike the temporary shoe inserts you can get at a drugstore. 

Your new orthotics are carefully shaped to provide extra support where your feet need it, strategically aligning your bones, muscles, and tendons to correct irregularities with how you stand or walk. 

Experiencing improvements

Once your custom orthotics are inside your shoes, you may not think much about them. But whether or not you feel much of a difference, walking and running with them allows you to be more active, avoid spinal imbalance, and feel less fatigued as they subtly restore balance. 

Balancing your feet with orthotics helps you avoid uncomfortable foot problems that come from extra stress or friction on particular sections of your foot. Common problems include:

You may benefit from using orthotics all the time, but some people only need to wear them temporarily. Short-term orthotics, for example, can help you maintain your balance as you recover from surgery. 

It’s never a bad time to explore the benefits that custom orthotics can offer your feet, legs, and back. Call Family Foot and Ankle Center of South Jersey today to learn more about custom orthotic shoe inserts for proper foot alignment.


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