8 Conditions that Benefit from Cold Laser Therapy

Foot problems can really stop you in your tracks and keep you from conducting your normal activities. If you suffer from recurring pain or a foot condition that impacts your quality of life, you might be a candidate for cold laser therapy. 

At Family Foot and Ankle Center of South Jersey, our team of knowledgeable and skilled podiatrists specialize in a wide range of conditions that affect your feet and ankles. One of our signature treatments is cold laser therapy. Here, we discuss what it is, eight conditions that benefit from it, and who is a candidate for it. 

Understanding cold laser therapy

Using low light levels, cold laser therapy is a noninvasive treatment to provoke your body’s innate healing process. Because it doesn’t use enough heat to warm your skin or tissues, it’s given the name cold laser therapy. In addition to stimulating the healing process, it simultaneously reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

Depending on your foot or ankle problems, our podiatrists recommend a series of sessions that last less than 10 minutes each. You recline on a table in your private room while we glide a handheld laser device over your target area. It’s completely painless, so you can return to work, school, or your regular activities immediately after the appointment.

8 conditions that respond well to cold laser therapy

One of the best things about cold laser therapy is that it’s so versatile and helps relieve pain, increase range of motion, decrease inflammation, and speed up your recovery time if you’re suffering from any of these conditions:

  1. Plantar fasciitis
  2. Neuropathy
  3. Morton’s neuroma
  4. Tendonitis
  5. Joint pain
  6. Sprains and strains
  7. Soft tissue injuries
  8. Ligament injuries

Each of these conditions is particularly responsive to cold laser therapy because the light energy is so precisely targeted to your problem area. The cold laser mimics your body’s normal healing process, but in an accelerated way. Many of our patients leave the session with noticeable and immediate improvement. There are no side effects, so it’s a no-risk, highly effective treatment.

Are you a candidate for cold laser therapy?

If your foot or ankle hurts, swells, or prevents you from living well, you’re a candidate for cold laser therapy. You don’t have to suffer from plantar fasciitis, joint pain, soft tissue injuries, tendonitis or any of the other conditions outlined above. Cold laser therapy is an ideal solution!

To learn more about our expert foot and ankle services in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, call today to schedule your consultation.

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